Nov 5, 2011

Camp out for Breaking Dawn

This morning at 1am, my friend Megan and I got in line on the sidewalk at The Buckhead Theatre in hopes of getting passes to the Breaking Dawn Cast Tour coming to the ATL on Monday 11/7/11. 

We never had a dull moment, even with the cool cool temperatures.  Whether we were cracking up with our fellow twi-hards or scratching our heads at the interesting drunk citizens walking home from nearby bars, it was a night we'll never forget.

Here's our journey in photos....

45 minutes in

A visit with "The Storyteller" on one of our trips to/from IHOP
for a potty break and yummy hot chocolate.
**Might I add the staff at the Buckhead IHOP was above and beyond courteous and friendly to us even though we never dined in, we still contributed via coffee/hot chocolate and some to-go pancakes!

Megan w/ our new friend Carlos

Our teeth never chattered, but it was totally colder than a vampires touch outside

Megans cool boyfriend...John, Ed..who knows what his name was.  He wouldn't stop talking and eventually decided to join in on the Twilight fun (until he caught us taking photos of him ha ha ha)
Here he is laying on the sidewalk like a dumba**

I'm crazy and delirious in front of the theatre

6:30am, a Summit Entertainment rep puts up the official "event" poster

A bakery in Loganville came by to treat us with Twilight themed sweets...
A mini cupcake with two wedding bands

Me with my cupcake and complimentary poster...

Our new friends, Crystal, Jamie and Carlos with their posters

Approx 10:05am, us with our FREE passes to Monday's event!!

It was a very LONG and COLD 9hrs, but I'm thankful for every minute.  Thanks Megan for tagging along and thank you to our new friends for keeping us company!


  1. so you'll get to MEET the cast?!?? SOOOO awesome!!!!

  2. Well supposedly they aren't doing autographs, BUT, if I'm there in time for the red carpet part, MAYBE, just MAYBE I can get one :)

  3. um just seeing them in PERSON is AWESOME!!!!!

  4. :) nice relation ;) You spent great time!