Jul 25, 2012

The rocker

It's no secret Hardy and I love music - heck we MET at a concert :)

Mötley Crüe is his all time favorite band and we have seen them just under 10x's, last night being the most recent. I generally know when we see Crüe Hardy will be in "his zone". Luckily I know lyrics to most of their hits so I can sing along and I'm able to enjoy it too.

This was Hardy's first time in the lawn, we have always paid the money for seats up close. He wasn't too disappointed which was a relief to me...I was really worried about that.

It was a great concert, both bands did awesome!

I snapped this photo of him last night jamming out. I used to think he looked silly, but I admire him for rocking out without caring who else is around :) head banging or playing air guitar and of course singing all the lyrics...that's my Hardy!

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