Jul 16, 2012

Say hello to Eureka!

This is a cheesy post, but I would like to introduce you to our new vacuum :)
AirSpeed® Bagged AS1053AX
Hardy and I have been using a cheap Bissell for the last almost 7 years and it's finally bit the dust.  I'll admit we didn't keep track with the filter and all that crap like we should have.  Over the last several months it was really giving us trouble, always spitting stuff back out that you had just vacuumed up.  It was also bagless and although I thought that was great at first, it really does make a bigger mess when you go to dump it.  With two cats, we have a lot of cat hair to pick up (in addition to my hair that ends up everywhere) so you can imagine the mess it would make cleaning that up.  Aside from the fact that we HAVE to have a vacuum, I wanted to make sure we have one that works before Persephone gets here.  We're trying to keep a cleaner house than we have in, because I'm afraid it'll only get worse when she gets here - ha ha.
We finally broke down Saturday and bought a new one.  Hardy is really good at comparing things (with the help of Amazon) so he did a little research prior to us physically looking.  We had a Hoover in mind, but this Eureka was on sale at Target, after he did some more online research while we were in the store, we picked her!  Hopefully she'll last a while, because we paid a little more than we wanted too (on sale for $119), but figured in some cases you get what you pay for.  We went home, Hardy put it together and we proceeded to try it out on the living room - did a great job.  Then we used the cool "power paw" pet extension and vacuumed our chair and we were very satisfied.  It's a little heavier than our previous vacuum, but does a hell of a lot better.  Sunday morning I got up and vacuumed the entire upstairs area and we're still on the first bag. 
Some of her features:
Proven to Clean Carpets Better Than Dyson DC25 For Less Than ½ The Price,*  the AirSpeed® ABS Advanced Bagged System combines powerful AirSpeed® Technology with a Quick Clean-Lock™ Bag for a powerful, hygienic clean.  

AirSpeed Technology—unlike other vacuums, AirSpeed® Technology has two smooth tubes, featuring limited bends and turns.  This allows more air to pass through the vacuum.  The direct air path from floor to cup, decreases the distance for dirt to travel, which increases the amount of airflow for powerful suction.

Quick Clean-Lock™ Bag System—the easy to change bag system and premium bag with the Quick Clean-Lock™ seal, conveniently keep your home fresh and clean without the mess.  This model includes 7 bonus bags.

Pet Tools and Odor Absorbing HEPA Filter—the PET Power Paw® Turbo Brush, pet upholstery brush and odor absorbing HEPA charcoal filter, makes this AirSpeed® vacuum perfect for pet owners.
This particular model is sold exclusively at Target
***I would like to point out, I'm not sure why our vacuum is a "female", but that's what I call her.  If she gives us any trouble, I'll be sure to do a new post, but so far we're very happy!


  1. Haha! Michael put together my new vacum yesterday. I just got whatever was on sale at Costco! I have the worst luck with vacums. I have never had one last more than a year so I'm very hopeful this one will be a keeper!

  2. The vacuum is a girl because what man could clean as well as a vacuum?!?!

  3. We just bought a new Eureka too! And we also had a Bissell before. It died, completely. I am SO in love with the new one! After first vacuum I couldn't believe how much it picked up!! And I feel SUPER old and lame for getting excited about a vacuum. lol.