Jul 19, 2012


Other than my pregnancy updates, I haven't had a TON to post about, so instead of doing a few small posts, I figured I would bundle it all into one.
1. Car seats - I posted the other day about recalls and expiration dates, that night I went home and we checked the two we were given (and I'm so glad I did).  One was manufactured in 2003, so it's way expired, but when I pulled up it's model # it was actually recalled for possible missing parts on the base - that could be bad.  The other was manufactured in 2007 and (car seats expire in 6yrs) it is "good" until October 2013.  We registered for two infant car seat/stroller combos so hopefully we will get both and will feel comfortable we're using something up-to-date.
2. Facebook - I love it, but I'm getting to the point where I get aggravated at what people post.  I rarely use our laptop because the iPhone pretty much does every thing it can (with exception to a few things).  Lately though, all I ever see are people liking or sharing photo's and it isn't photos of someone's child or a family reunion - it's all of these silly picture/quotes.  At first I started liking all the ones that made me laugh or made sense, but then I realized I was probably crowding other peoples feeds with the same thing that was irritating me.  It almost seems rare now to get an actual update on someone's life because everyone is too busy liking these Ecards and such...well I'm over it.  I haven't yet, but the next time I get on my laptop, I plan on hiding a lot of people from my feed.  Another pet peeve is all the negativity on Facebook.  I realize I made a choice by accepting a friend request and/or requesting to be someone else's friend, but I may have to start deleting some.  I hate seeing people CONSTANTLY complain about their lives or silly stuff every day, all day.  I don't care...really.  I have bad days too and I'm sure I've made some whiny posts, but not every one wants to read about how many medical bills you have, that you and your husband are arguing or that your boyfriend cheated on you for the 100th time.  Some things need to be kept private.  One status last week really shocked me, a husband got on his wife's account and made a status update that she had been caught cheating - - really? I didn't need to know that and neither did the rest of the world.  I'm sorry if she did cheat on you, but keep that between yourselves.
3. Radio - I brought in my GE Nitey Lite/Radio to work a few months ago to work and can only pick up 3 stations, 97.1 The River, 95.5 Newstalk and some country station.  I'm not a huge fan of country, so I never listen to it and I talk all day and hear others talk, so I don't want to listen to Newstalk so I'm stuck with The River.  I like classic rock, but this station is just as bad as the others playing the same ol' songs every few hours...and if not the same songs, the same bands over and over.  However, I did discover a Rolling Stones song that I like - "Emotional Rescue".  At first I thought it was the Bee Gees because he sings so high pitched, haha. It's a little disco-esque, but catchy.  Another interesting thing is that The River has been doing a giveaway for The Tour (Kiss & Mötley Crüe), but they don't ever play Mötley Crüe and the only two KISS songs they seem to have on their rotation are "Rock and Roll All Nite" and "Detroit Rock City" - weird. 
4. Maternity leave - This is something I've been debating.  Work doesn't have a maternity leave package, they just use the FMLA (family medical leave act) which allows a person up to 12 weeks off without penalty (or pay).  When I first found out I was pregnant, I kept saying I would take 8 weeks off, the 6 weeks to recover and additional 2 just because.  Of course I don't have any daycares in mind because I don't even know how we're going to afford that (insert smartass comment about me complaining).  Then I started thinking about "bonding" with Persephone and how that might be thrown off if I left her too soon.  Not to mention, is 8 weeks really long enough to have a set routine down that you're comfortable with?  I don't want to come back to work too soon and really throw myself off my rocker.  I have short-term disability with Aflac and they'll pay part of my pay for as long as the doctor feels necessary - which in standard cases is 6 weeks for recovery.  So I'm in a bind.  Do I shoot for the minimal time of 8 weeks and hope for the best, or do I try to stay home longer and figure out the day care situation in the process?!?  Ahhh decisions decisions.  As much as I would probably enjoy it, I can't be a non-working mom, we need both of our incomes.
5. Ed Bassmaster - I posted one of his prank videos a while ago.  He has a YouTube channel with many videos of him as different characters he has come up with.  Some are funnier than others.  This past weekend we were showing his videos to a friend and came across a prank call he videoed about a Craigslist listing for a dresser, but he tries to sell them something in return - it's really cute/funny and had me in tears I was laughing so hard. 
Here's the link to the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvMZ-dzz2Cg


  1. I might have an unexpired car seat with 2 bases you can have. Let me get it this weekend and I will let you know. I actually have 2 so 4 bases total... but let me check with Greg and make sure it's ok! I'm done having kids.. him....??
    100% with you on facebook and with it being an election year it gets UGLY! I am trying to stay off! :)

    Can you stream radio on your computer? I got a Pandora subscription and I LOVE IT. I think you could even log in as me- let me know if you can and I will give you my log in. Greg and I both use it all the time on our phones and computers!

    Oh boy, maternity leave! WIth Macy I took 3 months and I thought how on earth could I have done this in any shorter time. Tripp was 2 weeks and Brady I was *working from home* at 1 week. Will they let you work from home? It's not to soon to look for a daycare now!! Some places it's best if you go while pregnant and give them notice so they will hold a spot for you. I have a very good friend who has been thinking about taking care of a baby- she lives in Sterling and she has a 7 month old. Stephanie Standridge message her on FB if you are interested. I think in home care is good when they are tiny babies. Less exposure to so many germs!

  2. I hear ya with the Facebook irritation. I usually just skim over those dumb little quotes or whatever they are. And you're right about all the negativity...it's terrible! I have also noticed quite a few pictures being posted that I would just rather not see. I caught Cooper just in time once, before he saw something really troubling. I was so mad about it (and being blindsided by something so awful) that I hid the person from my newsfeed. I think I will be doing a little more of that in the near future...