Jul 26, 2012


I took this video of Persephone kicking/moving on Saturday 7/21 so I was 29 weeks exactly.

My stomach looks so awkward for some reason.

If you keep your eye to the left part of the screen you'll see her make a big kick in the beginning and then almost toward the end she rolls or who knows what - you can see her move from the right to left.


  1. I so miss that.... it is such a cool feeling... :) Isn't it hard to record it and not breathe?? hahahaha

    1. It's very hard not to breathe. In fact I tried a hundred times to record her and everytime I wasn't she would move and then I would hit record and she would stop! When I did this I started off sucking in lol

  2. Gah....I MISS THAT!!!! Isn't it the best feeling in the world?!?!?! Maybe I could have one more baby and be someone's surrogate! LOL :)