Jul 5, 2012

14 years ago

July 5, 1998 I attended my very first Hanson concert at Lakewood Amphitheater
It's ok, go ahead and laugh if you want...I'll still defend myself to this day.  They were my first "love" and although I don't favor their more recent music, I will always remember the joy I got from them in the early days.  Looking back at pictures of my room, I don't think I ever fully realized my obsession at the time.  Posters literally from one corner to another and even some on the ceiling, the back of my bedroom door, my closet doors...all over my notebooks for school.  I even used to write on my notes to friends that Taylor Hanson and I were going to be wed Valentine's Day of 1999 - - - ha well that day came and went.  He actually did marry a brunette from Georgia, but her name wasn't Amanda Lockaby.
Some fun memories: 
- I asked for a keyboard one Christmas so I could learn to play (like Taylor of course) and with Danielle Barthen's help, learned the opening part to "Yearbook" (which I have since forgotten how to play ::cries::).
- I had at least 20 Hanson t-shirts and still have most of them thanks to my Mom's great packing and memory keeping skills.
- One day at Richards Middle school they announced they were giving away the Got Milk? Hanson poster from the cafeteria and I ran to get it...so silly
- I used to make my Dad buy me "import" singles and cd's from Camelot at Gwinnett Place Mall
- Danielle and I used to fall asleep listening to them over and over and over and over....need more elaboration?
- I met another Hanson fanatic during a chorus competition and actually sat with her at the concert (creepy...lol)
- It was because of Hanson that I became friends with Danielle and Dannielle Mclane in 7th grade - lucky for us we all liked a different Hanson
- My Nana was sweet enough to record them on VHS if they were on late night TV shows :)
- Back in the days of AOL, I even had a Hanson Newsletter and believe it or not, had subscribers lol
- My mom took Danielle, Azra and I to see Hanson in 2000 at the Tabernacle.
- Dannielle and I went to see them in 2004, again at the Tabernacle.
Oh there are so many more....but these are enough for now!
So in honor of the good ole' days, and my first Hanson concert I thought I would post some retro pictures :)  
And for those who may be curious, this is what they look like in more recent years
I'd also like to mention that even though I liked and listened to N'SYNC and BSB - Hanson was totally better because they wrote their own tunes and played instruments!!


  1. :) ::sigh:: the good ol' days. Sure do miss 'em sometimes.

    p.s. you missed a letter in my last name hehe