Jul 17, 2012

Recalls and Expirations

This baby thing is WONDERFUL and duh, overwhelming.
You find out you're pregnant. 
You share the news with friends/family.
You talk names.
You register for all of these cute things you and your husband want - whether or not they're essential items.
Then if you're lucky, you have friends and/or family who offer you free items.  I'm all about saving some money if possible.  But when you take your child into account, this changes things.  I've already "accepted" several hand-me-downs, a few car seats, swing, bouncer, crib, bassinet.  One of the first items we got from Hardy's parents they picked up at a yard sale, barely used bassinet, video monitor and an Infantino Sling.  For curiosities sake, I googled the sling because it was so cute and discovered it was recalled because infants could suffocate (OMG freaked me out).  Even though it was recalled in 2009, Infantio was still offering a replacement item, so I sent in for a new carrier.  It's scary to think things LOOK safe, but aren't necessarily. 
More so, you have no idea how long someone else has had those items before you get them in your possession.  And although they say something has never been "damaged" how do you know it wasn't stored in their garage or attic for a period of time where the temperatures fluctuate and the plastic could swell and shrink and cause cracks?!?!  Ok I'm going overboard...but you see what I mean?  Jane Doe swears this car seat is safe and has never been in an accident, but it's actually been in the garage for over a year and other things have been stacked on top of it, that surely exceeded the 50lb weight limit.
Last week, I found out that car seats actually have expiration dates (thank you friends for informing me).  I had no idea car seats could expire, sure I understand that safety ratings constantly change, but the thought never crossed my mind.  So now I have two used car seats that I plan on checking into.  I was reading online that car seats usually have an expiration date printed on the tag or at least the manufactures date - and the average car seat is built to last 6yrs from date of manufacture.  Now I feel bad, because I want to google every thing we've been "given" to make sure it's safe and hasn't been recalled, but at the same time I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings who has passed this stuff to us.  Although the safety of Persephone is above and beyond anyone else's feelings in my opinion.  Of course she'll be our first child, so every thing "baby" is new and quite honestly I don't mind used things, but I also prefer brand new things, just because....it's a special time.
So how do you control your curiosity? 
Do you research every thing you want to buy or have bought? 
Do you accept used items from people or do you have to learn to say "Thanks, but no thanks".


  1. When it came to the carseat, stroller, and all things related to the bed I went with new. I wanted to make sure they were completely safe. All other things would be ok used. Some baby things are used for such a short time frame that it just makes sense to get them at a consignment shop, as long as they are clean.

  2. I agree...I bought NEW car seats and even told my family to buy new as well. I just didn't feel comfortable with used. I also believe it's safest to buy a new crib. Since I plan to have SO MANY kids we got everything new with Kye and just pass it down. I'm all about used clothes and toys though! I just don't buy used stuffed animals...plastic toys can be easily cleaned ;) I would TOTALLY be googling and checking up on things. It's always better to be safe than sorry and it shouldn't hurt anyone's feelings that you do that!

  3. I agree... I would buy a new carseat. Like I told you last week, if you should get in a wreck you want your child protected no matter what the cost is.