May 15, 2012

PJ Gender Guesses!

I hopped back to an old blog post of Emily's ( from November 2011.  She posted a lot of Q & A's regarding old wives tales and guessing your baby's gender.  I thought it would be fun to answer some of those Q's myself to get your feedback.  I'm just a few days away from being 20weeks - it's unbelievable time flew so fast...I mean holy crap!
Ok..let's get started:
1. Has pregnancy given you lots of headaches?  Actually to begin with it felt like I was having a never-ending headache, but luckily since about the 8th week until now, I've only had one or two and they weren't migraines.
2. Has pregnancy made you sleepy?  No, in fact I took more naps during the weekends when I wasn't pregnant than I have since finding out.
3. Stare in the mirror for at least one minute, but not more than three and see if your eyes dilate or not.  (A boy will cause them to dilate while a girl will not).  Mine did not dilate.
4.  Is your hair full of body and shine or thin and stringy? I wouldn't necessarily say there's an abundance of body or volume, but it's not thin and stringy (Girls are said to make you have fuller hair)
5. Is your leg hair growing faster than when you're not pregnant?  No it's the same.
6. Are your nails growing faster and stronger?  Definitely (Supposedly a boy strengthens your nails)
7. Do you have morning sickness or wake up feeling fine?  I may have only had a "sickly" morning once or twice and it never led me to the bathroom, just made me feel uneasy.  I wake up feeling fine. (Old wives tales say girls cause morning sickness and boys wait until they're born to upset you).
8. Are you craving sweets or sours?  If I had actual cravings I guess I could better answer this question. (A girl will make you crave sweets while a boy will be more sour).
9. Has your butt gotten bigger?  No
10.  Are your feet colder now or the same as always? They are cooler than normal
11. Is the baby's heart rate below 139 or higher than 140?  Every time we've seen the doctor it's been between 155-165bpm (The wives tale says girls typically have a faster heart rate of 140 or higher)
12. Do you crave orange juice more often?  I just picked it up
13. Are you carrying high or low?  Since I'm still just starting to show, I don't know if this will change - but for now it's high and all in the front.
14. Are you a watermelon belly or beach ball belly?  I see a watermelon as wide and beach ball as round...what I have right now is definitely beach ball.  It's almost like pregnancy has taken away my love handles...that's a nice touch!
15. Does the baby kick more often on the left or right?  Right
16. Is the baby kicking you high (in the ribs) or low (in the stomach)?  I don't think the baby is big enough yet to kick me in the ribs!
17. Has Daddy gained any weight along with Mommy?  I'm not honestly sure, I don't think he has, but I also lost 4lbs in the first three months of pregnancy.
18. Have you gained weight in your face?  As of now, no.
Maybe I should re-take this test in another 10-15 weeks, lol...see if any of these answers change.  Of course by then we'll know the sex (as long as PJ doesn't curl up in a ball and refuse to let us see!)


  1. i'm guessing boy!!!! but i'm usually wrong haha

  2. Girl! -Jessica colletti