May 21, 2012

Everybody has an opinion

Who knew naming YOUR child would bring up so much controversy.  From a simple curl of the nose, to mis-pronouncing the name, giving us other suggestions and even worse...accusing us of picking something satanic.  I am baffled.  We didn't ask for your opinion on the name - we're telling you what our little girls name WILL BE and yet, people are still choosing to be rude and disrespectful.
What happened to people holding their tongue?  Funny, it's almost like OUR child isn't OUR child and she hasn't even arrived yet.  Parents choose names for their children in many, whether it be naming them after someone close, someone famous, a character from a book, movie or TV show or just because they like the name.  The name Hardy chose for our little girl happens to originate from Greek Mythology.  Does that mean we BELIEVE IN Greek Mythology?  No.  Does the fact that Greeks believed in multiple Gods & Goddesses mean we believe the same? No.
Our daughters name is Persephone (again pronounced per-sef-oney), in Greek Mythology she was known as the Goddess of the Underworld - but she wasn't BORN into this.  Her story is as follows: One day she's picking flowers in a field with other beautiful women, when suddenly she picks the wrong flower (which actually doesn't even bloom at that time so it should have been a red flag) and from the ground bursts Hades, God of the Underworld.  Persephone had been approached by many other men, but none were worthy enough of her love (according to her mother Demeter).  So Hades kidnaps her, brings her to the underworld and tries to impress her with all of the "fantastic" (insert irony here) things he has to offer.  She grows bored and home sick of course, not eating or sleeping.  Till one day, a little punk convinces her to eat some pomegranate seeds.  <You can relate the eating of these seeds to that of the THE GARDEN, yea the one Adam & Eve weren't supposed to eat from.>  By eating those seeds, she basically doomed herself into remaining in the underworld forever because she partook in the food.  Hades agreed to let her visit home, which meant ultimately she was only in the underworld for 1/3 of the year each year.  When she was home, this is when they experienced springtime - crops were harvested and flowers bloomed and every thing was beautiful. 
So what did you get from that short story?  Did you ONLY read that she was Goddess of the Underworld?  Did you ONLY read that she was snatched from her home and doomed to live with Hades? Or did you read that although she has a "dark" title - her life wasn't so bad and she's essentially responsible for the changing of the seasons and beauty?  Well if you're like Hardy's parents, then you likely only stopped at Underworld and are now automatically thinking we chose a satanic name.  That the Greeks were satanic because they believed in multiple gods and goddesses instead of the ONE God we know and believe in.  How could we pick a name so depressing with awful meaning behind it? 
If we picked Freddy because it was in Nightmare on Elm Street, would that make us satanic because it came from a horror movie?  Do you get where I'm going here?  Aside from WHERE the name originated, the fact is we love the name and that's what her name will be.  Don't associate it with Greek Mythology if you don't agree with it. 
So lets get past the name, now we're being berated with people asking what we'll call her.  Umm...what's wrong with calling her by her name? Persephone?  Why does there HAVE to be a nickname.  Of course I would rather you call my little girl a nickname derived from her full name - but still....why can't you say it?  It's as simple as Stephanie, in fact it's only 1 letter longer.  So if you can say Stephanie then you can certainly say Persephone.  Sure it's different and you may have never heard it, but it's not THAT hard to pronounce. 


  1. Y'all need to name her EXACTLY WHAT Y'ALL WANT TO! When we told everyone Damian's name I had a few people mention The Omen. I would explain that is a movie chararacter and laugh since I'm married to a Michael and have a Damian all I need is a Freddie and a Jason and we could round out the whole gang. I know "Damian" is not what most would ever name their child, but I love the name and it couldn't fit my son better. Name her what y'all like and don't listen to anyone else.

  2. Good for you! As soon as I read the name I thought, Uh Oh, it's different she should have kept it to herself! We learned our lesson with Macy. We wanted to name her Caroline and EVERYONE hated it. I mostly got it was an old lady name. Whatever. After she was born we told people we have decided on Macy and while I was HOLDING her people never said anything, although I know my grandmother hated it. (She came around) I don't know if you can tell, but I am pretty coy about names because we HAVE names we just aren't telling your judgemental asses!! hahahahahaha I'm sorry people are rude. I almost said I am sorry people don't like the name but I'm not sorry about that. Unfortunately everybody has an opinion and some people think its fine to just spout off how they feel. About everything. But ultimately.... who cares. Yea, it's a different name. Weird if people REALLY want to go there. But it is still beautiful. And she will be too. So. There.

  3. Like you said, it's YOUR baby, not theirs. If you like the story and the name that's all that matters. Unfortunately with such a unique name this probably wont be the end of it - just know to expect that people are going to say something and know how to ignore it. At least she's not getting an over used name like Sarah, Amanda, or Emily which have all been on the top 10 girls names for decades if not centuries. (Obviously I don't mean a common name is bad). I don't think a common name would fit you and Hardy though, you baby is better suited with a name with a story :)

  4. Girl you should have kept that junk a SECRET!!!!! It's THE REASON we don't tell ANY of our baby names until the baby is born. Even if you'd picked a "normal" name like Jessica you'd STILL be hearing junk. People just can't help themselves for some odd reason. And because the baby isn't here yet they think it's totally fine to spout off their opinions. It is a unique name but it's the name YOU CHOOSE and guess what IT'S YOUR KID!!!!!! She's coming from YOUR BODY so you get to name her!!! Try not to let it bother you too much, once she's here everyone will adore her and in a matter of weeks she won't look like she could possibly be any other name than Persephone! People hated Kye but now everyone says it fits him perfectly ;)

  5. You ladies are right, I should have kept my mouth closed! Why did you suggest that when you were telling me not to find out the gender? Lol I kid I kid!! But thanks for the pep talk ;)

  6. I like when you rant! Get those pregnancy hormones rolling! I personally LOVE the name, and I get the special meaning behind it!
    My kids have pretty common names, so I never really got much crap. Except for Abigail. Of all my kids she has the MOST common name! I always got asked where I came up with that. lol. Like i created the name myself. Eventually I realized the ones who were asking about the name choice thought it was too "WHITE" of a name for a bi-racial baby. Seriously. Little did they know her father, who is black, is the one who picked it. And I didn't even LOVE it to begin with.
    People are so strange nowadays. So noisy and judgemental. Don't you worry about anyone elses opinions! You and Hardy's are the ONLY ones that matter!
    BTW- have ya'll thought of a potential nickname? I personally like purse. How freakin cute is that!! A little girl called purse!
    Tell Hardy his name picking is awesome!