May 11, 2012

19 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 19 Weeks

Size of baby:  6" long and 1/2lb, or an heirloom tomato (from crown to rump.) 
I wonder if they measure this by the baby being curled up in a ball, because if you hold a ruler up to a tomato, it's not 6" long, lol.

Total Weight Gain/LossAs of my last appointment I had lost 4lbs, but we'll see next Thursday if I've gained it back.
Maternity ClothesStill just the one pair of capri's, but I got three new shirts at Disney
that should have room enough for my belly as it grows!
GenderWe find out Thursday!
MovementStill always on the right side.  It's not hard kicking sensations, still just like rippling under the skin.
SleepI still toss and turn, but I don't wake up zombified so I guess that's ok for now.
Stretch Marks: None because of the pregnancy.
Labor Signs: No

Wedding rings on/off: On

Belly Button in/out: In

What I missNothing
Cravings: None

SymptomsStill some round ligament pain if I move to quick. 
And somehow I developed an annoying cough on our way back from Disney. 
I'm sure the baby is sick of hearing that and feeling it too.
Best Moment this weekThinking ahead - to next week when we'll be able to see the baby again (this time looking like an actual baby!)  My last ultrasound was at 8.5 weeks.  I bet a lot has changed since then :)
Also thinking about when we'll get to take PJ to Disney.

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