May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday after work, we hopped in a car with Hardy's parents, his sister and two of her kids and headed to Scottsboro, AL.  I know you're probably thinking WHY did we go to Alabama...(there's actually a lot of cool places to visit there).  Specifically in Scottsboro is the Unclaimed Baggage center, one of the largest in the country, it's apparently been mentioned on The Today Show, Oprah, Fox News and a few others. 
Basically the company buys unclaimed baggage from airlines and then whatever is in decent condition they put up for sale in their warehouse.  It reminded me of a nicer version of Goodwill.  A lot of their clothes had never been worn and what had was at a lower price, but it was all gently used.  They also had electronics, musical instruments, cds, dvds, paintings/pictures, cameras, laptops, the list goes on.  None of us had ever been there so it was neat.  I ended up getting a pair of never worn maternity shorts (Motherhood brand) and a new top, Hardy got a case for his Kindle, two movies, two books and we bought a really cute painting for Persephone's room.  His sister walked away with an awesome deal on a Canon Rebel T3 for only $384.00.  Not every thing was an awesome deal, but a lot of their items were.  After 3hrs we went to get some lunch, then headed back to the store so we could return a couple things we bought the first go around.  Not every thing is returnable, but the items that are, they give you store credit or exchange it (store credit is valid for 9mos). 
Later that evening we had a DELICIOUS dinner at Buenavista Mexican Cantina.  It had a really cute atmosphere, but the food was sooo good for the price we paid and the portions were ginormous.
Sunday morning we got up and headed for home, but decided to make a pit stop in Chattanooga, TN since we were going right past it anyway.  First up was Ruby Falls (which I don't think I've actually ever done before...). 
There was a long line just to buy tickets, but we were in the shade so it wasn't a horrible wait.  If you've never been - you totally should!!  You travel 260ft BELOW ground into a cave and a tour guide leads you to an underground waterfall and back.  It felt so good down there, I think they said it stays around 60* year round.  While on your "hike" you see a lot of neat stalagmites and stalactites - I remember learning about those off an episode of Reading Rainbow.  Once you reach the waterfall, they have this neat light show that illuminates the room you're in and really shows off the beauty of the waterfall.  Our guide said at that point, you are deep enough into Lookout Mountain that the Empire State Building would fit inside.  We worked up an appetite and headed to Logan's Roadhouse for lunch - another delicious meal. 
Next we headed back towards Lookout Mountain to check out the Incline Railway - I realized I had never done this "attraction" either.  Well it was hot as hell outside, so Hardy's sister and parents took the car to the top of the mountain and said they would pick us up so we didn't have to wait in the heat for a round trip.  I was hoping this dang thing had A/C in it, but sure didn't.  There were a few windows that were propped open, but still the breeze wasn't comfortable enough.  I thought it was cool at first, but if you have a fear of heights - this probably ISN'T for you.  I normally LOVE roller coasters and other crazy rides, but this thing even though it was slow was freaking me out.  I kept thinking the cable was going to snap and we would go hurling back down the mountain.
After the Incline Railway we headed for home as we were all tired and accomplished so much in just two days.  We ended the weekend with a cookout at Hardy's sisters house on Monday.
How did you spend your Memorial Day Weekend?

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