May 7, 2012

Disney Day 1 - Magic Kingdom

We checked into Coronado Springs at about 10am, they were sweet and gave us a Happy Anniversary balloon and pins to wear - and our room was already ready!! I loved being able to stow our things in room temperature vs. a hot car.

Once we got our car parked and suitcase unpacked we headed for the bus station. Upon arrival our first ride was the railroad. We have actually never rode it in all the times we have been. We got off at Frontierland and walked to grab lunch at Columbia Harbour House, it's right across from The Haunted Mansion and quite honestly one of my favorite quick service places at Magic Kingdom - they serve fish and chicken. This was our first time doing the dining plan and it felt so good to get a receipt showing $0.00. I opted for nuggets and Hardy got a lobster roll.

After that our second ride was....duh The Haunted Mansion. People probably look at us funny in the dark as you first enter the building because we can just about recite the entire soundtrack to the ride. From there we went to Adventureland for It's a Small World and grabbed fast passes for Peter Pan's Flight (this ride always has an outrageous line). Then it was onto Tomorrowland where we did The Carousel of Progress ::sings it's a great big beautiful tomorrow::. Hardy grabbed a fast pass for Space Mountain and then we rode the People Mover - another thing we hadn't done together. Boy was I missing out (thanks for mentioning it Liz). I could have stayed on it alllll's like a lazy river minus the water lol.

Also I might mention if you've never done Monsters, Inc Laugh Floor you're missing out. It's a live show that interacts with the audience and there's no way not to L O L.

For dinner we ate at Liberty Tree Tavern which is behind the Liberty Bell and across from Hall of Presidents. We ate here during our honeymoon trip and LOVED it. It's American cuisine serve family style in all you can eat portions. We stuffed ourselves and proceeded to leave....we were gonna stay for fireworks, but decided to call it a day.

My two comments for this day were that it was surprisingly NOT crowded, but it was toasty - nothing out of the ordinary for Florida, but still at times it was a bit uncomfortable.

To be continued...

The photos are out of order because the blogger app likes to put them wherever they want them. I brought along PJ's Mickey that Rachael was sweet enough to give us...and honestly there are more photos of him than the two of us lol.

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  1. Yay! I 'm so looking forward to these posts! I love the Peoplemover. I have no idea why, but I do! Madelyn's favorite ride is the Haunted Mansion. She loved waving to the dead people. I can't watit to go back!