May 10, 2012

Disney Day 3 - Hollywood Studios

On Sunday we kind of slept in...true we were missing out on being at the park right as it opened, but we didn't want to leave! Not to mention the mattress' at Coronado Springs were AMAZING. I've never slept so good in my life. While I finished packing every thing up, Hardy headed back to Rix to get us a refill on coke and cheese danishes :) they are so yummie. Once we finished, we packed the car, drove around to the lobby, checked out and then hopped on a bus to Hollywood Studio's (to those who haven't visited Disney in the last 10yrs, Hollywood Studio's was previously called MGM Studio's.)

We walked through a few shops (they have some of the best selection in clothes and nick knacks) then headed straight for The Great Movie Ride (one of our favorites). It's kind of cheesy, but another Disney CLASSIC. After that we headed over to the newly renovated Star Tours, I let Hardy go solo since it had a warning. Although I would love for our child to get used to the motion of rides, I didn't want to take any chances on something so jerky/bumpy. After that we headed to see Muppet Vision 3D (always makes me LOL). By this time it was time for our lunch reservations at 50's Prime Time - - WE HAVE NEVER EATEN THERE IN ALL OUR TRIPS TO DISNEY BUT I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TOO.

Because our dining plan was only good for 2 days this one was out of pocket (or gift card in our case). We ordered the onion rings (delicious) and Hardy got a seafood salad while I chopped on a huge wedge of lettuce. Mine had blue cheese dressing and crumbles all over it, I have no idea why I ordered, because I'm a ranch-o-holic all the way, but it wasn't horrible. I can deal with the dressing, but not the crumbles. After lunch Hardy took off to ride Star Tours again - apparently since the renovation, they've added 50 different simulations so each time you ride you're on a different mission - so wish I could have gone :(

It was nearing 2pm so Hardy rode Rock N' Roller Coaster and then we headed back to the hotel. I'm not sure which day was hotter - Saturday or Sunday?!? Oh it was even hard to catch your breath at times. Weird, because we've been in June and August before and not had that "hot" of an experience. The last bus ride back to Coronado was bittersweet, we kept thinking about the cats, but not wanting to leave. We re-filled those trusty ole' mugs one last time and hit the road.

*I really wish the Dining plan was based on how many days worth of tickets you have and how many nights you stay in your hotel. We only stayed 2 nights, but had a 3-day park hopper. Of course we've never done the dining plan before so I wouldn't have known. But when we return to Disney - we will totally do the dining plan again, you save A LOT of money.

**The one thing that kind of surprised me this trip was that we were never once stopped for a photo. Whether we've visited during peak season or slow season, we always get stopped for a photo on Main Street, U.S.A. or the entrance to Epcot and Hollywood Studio's, but not this trip! I could have easily asked them to take our photo, because they will...but I liked being stopped because I didn't feel like I was interrupting them. That's another reason why we don't have as many "together photos", I found we tried stopping for a photo op when there were only foreigners around us (go figure).

***WE LOVED Coronado Springs, you certainly get what you pay for. The room was nicer and the beds were more comfy, plus I found the transportation was never overly crowded (it always seems to be packed at the All Stars and Pop Century since they're cheaper). We never made it to the pool, because we are dumb and didn't bring bathing suits and I beat myself up each day we were there for not doing that. Our next trip to Disney will definitely include a "pool only day". They put so much detail into their resort pools, it's like visiting a park anyway.


- How old were your children on their first trip to Disney? Pros/Cons?
- Have you ever stayed at Camp Wilderness (campgrounds/cabins)? Thoughts...

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