Mar 2, 2012

Wish I had a camera...

Are you ever driving down the road and see something so beautiful you wish you had a fancy camera to capture it with??

Well I do that often...and all I ever have is my iPhone.

These are a few photos I've captured with my phone...not all were while driving except the first two.

I call this first one "The Calm Before The Storm" since I took it today.

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  1. I recommend getting a nice camera VERY MUCH, especially with a baby on the way. They are like investments with all the beautiful memories they capture :) We got ours at Target a few years ago - best buy is also good. Any place that is a big company because they can sell them cheaper, basic Cannon and Nikons go on sale often and you can sometimes find an easy to use model for around $400-$600. It's a lot of money, but we got ours about 4 years ago and I still love it and am learning new things on it all the time. WORTH THE MONEY with a baby - register for one haha