Mar 28, 2012


Recently I've been thinking...
As Hardy says "That could be dangerous"
There are two specific things I would like to attempt/accomplish now that there's a baby cooking.  
#1  I'm really interested in going natural with the birth.  Thanks to Emily's blog ( I read all about her experience with the Bradley Method (husband coached childbirth).  If I can, I don't want an epidural...I want to try and tackle this thing head on - - God forbid I get a migraine during the whole process...that would be pure hell.  I've seen how long it takes for an epidural to wear off, although I know every one is different.  But if I can help it, I don't want to worry with them poking me in the wrong place, experiencing tremors (then sore muscles afterward from trying to fight the shakes) and dead weight legs.  I want to be alert and functional as much as possible after it all so I can soak it all in and "enjoy" the experience.  I also think the Bradley Method would be a great way for Hardy and I to bond over the process even more.  Having him be the focal point and my guide through labor would make me more comfortable - I think.  I'm looking forward to studying up on it!
#2 I want to long as every thing is in my favor (I know some women can't...either no milk to produce or even sometimes the baby is allergic).  It's definitely the cheaper route compared to the price of formula and I know it's healthier for the baby.  My only concern is how I'll be able to continue it after returning to work.  What will I do, hog up the one and only women's restroom we have in our office to pump every 3-4hrs?  Yea  I don't see that going well (so if any of you reading pumped while maintaining a normal work schedule, please SHARE YOUR TIPS!).


  1. At my last job I worked with a lady that pumped, we had a back room to do it in so she didn't have to use a public restroom. But I think if you get it on a schedule it can work. Just inform all your co-workers of what you are doing, chances are that if they had had children or want them they will more understanding than you think. Also, good luck with the natural child birth - after reading Emily's blog I too am making an extremely strict birth plan and getting EVERYONE to sign and agree to it! You can do it!

  2. I know you will rock out at natural childbirth!!!!! And pumping is totally doable and very very worth it! I'm here for you!!