Mar 26, 2012


I almost wish I had an "I'm asleep" monitor to see exactly how long in a night I am really asleep.  The last 6 weeks, I usually have no trouble getting to sleep, but once I hear a noise or get up for a potty break I have a hell of a time trying to fall back asleep.  I toss and turn so much, I'm pulling the fitted sheet off the mattress.  It's bad enough I pull and tug at the comforter, now I'm taking the sheets off the bed as well.  DO ANY OF YOU HAVE TIPS ON HOW TO ACCOMPLISH A FULL NIGHTS REST WHILE PREGNANT??  I've tried Benadryl (which the doc said was safe), but it only lasts a few hours....and I don't need help falling asleep, I need help staying asleep lol.
This weekend Hardy's been battling a sinus infection, so I've been trying to nurse him back to health.  Sat/Sun were awful - between his snoring and coughing (which I know he can't control) I barely got two straight hours of sleep.  In fact, at 3am Sunday morning I went downstairs and slept on the couch (the new improved low rider).  I tried to do that again last night after laying in bed for an hour still feeling wide awake, but then I thought I was hearing noises and couldn't last.  To love scary movies and haunted houses the way I do, you think I would be used to weird sounds....but I'm a coward when I am alone and hear things I can't identify.  I slept on and off for a while, but at 6:30 when it was time for me to get ready I was slooooooooooooow.  Luckily my boss understood and allowed me to come in late so I could get a couple of hours of uninterrupted sleep. 
I've had a feeling I'm off kilter all day....when you don't get to work at your normal time it really does mess with your brain (at least with mine it does).

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