Mar 10, 2012

LOVE Disney :)

Hardy and I are members of Disney Movie Club and of course Disney Movie Rewards (the codes you get from Disney DVD's and Blu rays). Well every now and then when you've redeemed so many Blu ray codes they let you pick a free Disney Blu ray and all you do is pay $3.95 s/h, heck yes!!

Because of this sweet deal we have gotten several free movies, just another reason to love Disney. They also have some pretty awesome prizes you can redeem with your points....but we are letting ours build for now (we have 7,600) you never know what awesome thing they'll add next. So if you own a lot of Disney DVD's or Blu rays and you've never put those codes on the website - you are missing out!! Join now at :)

And something I saw on the Disney Pixar Facebook page today...made me LOL

"I'm packing you an extra pair of shoes and your angry eyes, just in case"

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