Mar 20, 2012

Low rider

Something pretty funny happened Saturday of those REAL L-O-L moments. We've had our current couch for a year now, one of my moms co-workers had given us an oversized chair and ottoman when we moved into our house and they gave us the couch that matched it last year. It's been a GREAT couch (and still is technically).

Well...Saturday, Hardy was trying to get me to watch a video on his iPhone so we both sat down on the couch at the same time and we heard a *crack*. I couldn't even concentrate on the video I was laughing so hard. We flipped the couch over to discover one of the legs had broken. Hardy started investigating and turns out this same leg must have been an issue for the previous owners too, because we found miscellaneous screws and nails where they had attempted to fix it. Hardy tried and tried to get it secure again, but the actual left side of the couch had split, so there was nothing to mount the leg on. Ultimately we decided to cut all the legs off (the weight would be evenly distributed anyway)....well you never know how 7" can help you, until you lose it. Once all the legs were off, we flipped the couch back over and I tucked the skirt under all around the sides and we tried it out.

Our legs now sit about 2.5" off the floor ha ha ha ha

If we want to use the ottoman, we'll basically be doing crunches, because our legs are now elevated above our heads. The couch still functions as it should, it's just a lower seat!! I can imagine myself now 8mos pregnant rolling off the couch onto my knees to stand up...ha ha ha. We'll probably get some new legs soon, but for now, we're enjoying our new ghetto low rider.

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