Mar 21, 2012

Hummingbird Heartbeat

I went in for my monthly check up today.
Good news is my BP was within "normal" range.  I've been checking it every day during different times and it's been normal.  I think I just get nervous before I go in thinking something is wrong.  I need to kick the worry-wort out of me.  So because my BP is back where it needs to be, I don't have to back until April 20th.
I also got to hear PJ's heart beat and it was still in the 160's :).  The doctor was cute and said "Now according to grandma's, the higher the heart rate, the higher the chance you're having a girl.  I don't buy into that, but there's a fun fact for you to play with."   I love doctors with personality, it always makes me more comfortable.
Hard to believe I'll be 16 weeks at my next appointment.  Things started so slow, but now it feels like they're moving quickly!!

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