Mar 16, 2012

11 Weeks

I'm not sure how I got a week behind.....or technically I was just slow at posting.  So just incase you're wondering, no the baby didn't magically develop another full week in just under 3 days.  Sorry these updates are probably dull and boring, eventually I'll have better answers or more exciting things to share.
Pregnancy Highlights
How far along?
11 Weeks
Size of the baby?
A fig, almost 2" long
Maternity clothes?
No, although they would probably be more comfortable
than trying to fit my bloated-ness into regular pants.
I think I'm going to do a poll and let you vote!
Ahh who needs it any way
::knock on wood:: I felt perfectly fine this week. 
Question to you moms:   Did you have the CVS testing done between 11-14 weeks?  If yes or no, would you mind sharing your reason?  Also did you have an amnio done later on?

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