Feb 14, 2012

We saw PJ today

My first OB appointment was today. Hardy was sweet enough to take the day off and go with me (even though I worked haha).

During the first 5 minutes of the ultrasound it was complete silence and I thought I might just melt into a puddle. The doctor wasn't saying anything and the nurse wasn't saying anything...

Finally I spoke up and said "Well what's going on."

The doctor admitted there was no sack or baby to be found....hard to believe with all the poking and prodding going on. He then decided to try it abdominally and thank god he did because it was then that we saw what we were looking for. After finding where he needed to be he switched back to the internal and voila found PJ!

I'm glad I told him prior to the ultrasound that I had a tipped uterus because that was the cause of the problem in viewing.

We got to hear the heartbeat on Valentine's Day just as I had hoped :).

But he scheduled me to come back on 2/29 to do another ultrasound. He's thinking I might not be as far along as suspected.


  1. I guessed I missed announcement bc somehow I wasn't a follower on your blog! ooops! However I am signed up now!!
    So excited for you!!!

  2. Yay! The exact same thing happened to me with Madelyn. The lady couldn't find anything and I took a deep breath about to have a nervous breakdown and when I did that she could see the sack. How high was the heart beat? Both of mine fit the tale that girls are higher and boys are lower. Damian was always in the high 130s to low 140s and Madelyn was always in the 160s. I'm so excited for you!

  3. Thanks ladies! Liz the heartbeat was only 60bpm and he said that was still good but that's why he thinks I may not be as far along as we thought. We will know for sure on the 29th I guess.