Feb 15, 2012

Talk about pain...

All of my nerves and anxiety yesterday leading up to our doctor visit caused quite the migraine. Of course I know from previous conversations with the doctor there are a limited number of things you can take while pregnant, but he did tell me if no OTC medicines (Tylenol) help that they could prescribe me something temporary.

I took two extra strength Tylenol at about 7:30 last night and attempted to go to bed about 1hr later. Lately when I get migraines I've been tying a bandana around my head because the pressure seems to relieve some pain. I got to sleep for about 3hrs until the pain was excruciating and even my Rambo gear wasn't working. I got a
Ziplock full of ice and tried putting it on my head to no avail. I tossed and turned and flipped and flopped all night long and at one point even broke down in tears because it was just too much.

Hardy was sweet and in his sleepy state and tried to console me as best as he could. I texted my boss sometime before 4am knowing I wasn't going to make it into work today. I opted to take two more extra strength Tylenol along with a phenergan because at this point I was feeling nauseous from the pain. I wet a small towel and laid it across my forehead and hoped for sleep. I managed to sleep until about 9am and tried to function normally but it was hard. I had left a message for the nurses office explaining I needed something ASAP. I decided to try and sleep so I took two more extra strength Tylenol at about 12:45pm and warmed a bean pillow in the microwave, I lay the side of my head that was hurting directly on the pillow and drifted off to a 4hr sleep.

I woke up feeling better, but still not 100%. Luckily the docs office did call me in something (Butalb) and I'm hoping to get some relief soon.

I wouldn't wish a migraine like this on anyone, not even my worst enemy! Unfortunately women who suffer migraines before pregnancy will usually suffer more frequent or severe migraines during pregnancy. I'm trying to see the bright side of this and think about the outcome, but it is so hard to think of anything pleasant when my head feels like its splitting open.


  1. Awww that sounds horrible!! So glad you are feeling better! I have had migraines like that before, and they are horrifying! Actually whenever I have a good sob/cry spell (lol) I get a migraine! Always! I purposely avoid funerals, bc they make me sad and I cry, then BAM migraine!
    Hopefully for your sake it is gone and never returning!!

    1. The medicine worked like a charm thank god. I don't need to miss anymore work, gotta save that for the baby lol. It's crazy how many things we as women go through, when it seems men have it made!