Feb 6, 2012


Hardy and I made our first trip to Aldi this weekend (there's one in Gainesville) and walked away with 40 items for $72. That included some bathroom items too. They don't have every single thing a grocery store may carry, but good enough selection. So far the things we have eaten have been just as good as name brand or better.

Some of the prices...

Loaf of bread $0.89
Gallon of milk $2.99
Bag of baby carrots $0.49
Bag of frozen shrimp $3.99
Gatorade (their brand) $0.69
Cereal $1.99-$2.29
Chips $1.99-$2.99
Extra virgin olive oil $3.99
24 pack of water $2.99

Hardy swears their oats and honey cereal is better than Honey bunches of oats. Their salt and vinegar chips are extremely good.

So far so good....we'll definitely go back!!

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