Feb 10, 2012

Telephone hell

A few days ago I posted about wasting almost my entire lunch break calling Georgia Department of Revenue.  Well I officially stayed on hold for 40mins before finally giving in and hanging up (a girls gotta eat).  So I thought I'd try again this morning first thing....but we're back in the same cycle and it's been another 40mins.
What in the WORLD is going on?
Hardy and I filed our taxes on January 25th, we got our federal refund already, but like I said in my previous post, our state hasn't deposited yet. 
You can go here: https://gtc.dor.ga.gov/_/#2    to check the status of your GA refund if you haven't gotten it yet.  This year was the first year (since being married) that I chose to file us married filing separate, because it made more sense.  When I check the status using either of our SS#'s this is the message I get.  Refund Status:  Your tax return has been processed; however, your check cannot be mailed.  Please contact the Taxpayer Services Division Refund Inquiry Section at 1-877-423-6711 to speak to a Taxpayer Services Representative.
What confuses me even more than the fact we haven't gotten the return is that it says "your check cannot be mailed".  In our entire history of filing taxes, we've always elected to have direct deposit....so why would there even be a check to begin with?? 
Sooooooooooooooooooooooo after 50mins on hold, I finally get a hold of someone and their explanation is that you're supposed to allow 4-6 weeks for processing.  He claims ours is still being processed.  Interesting, because I filed Hardy's parents taxes a week after I filed ours and they already received their GA refund.

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