Feb 23, 2012

Pay it Forward

This morning on my way to work I was determined to stop and get a coke from Chick Fil A to hopefully settle my morning sickness.  When I pulled up to the voice box, I ended up ordering 3 chicken mini's too - hey you gotta eat something.
Anyway, when I got to the window, the cashier told me the gentleman two cars ahead of me had paid for my meal and said "Have a Blessed Day." 
It's amazing that even in a 'recession', there are still giving people.
THANK YOU secret breakfast buyer
Next time I hit up Chick Fil A, I believe I'll do the same in return (but it would be my luck the car behind me would be buying for an office-full of people ha ha ha ha)


  1. Awesome!! I always want to do the pay it forward thing, but for some reason or another never have!!
    That happened to me once too! At starbucks. The car in front of me paid for my coffee! I was so excited! Plus I was like borderline being late for work (which was right across the street) so I was even more thankful!!
    When I got to work my manager (whom i did NOT like) says sarcastically as I walk in the door literally 1 min late. "Megan if you want to stop for coffee before work you should leave a few min earlier, bc now you are late"
    I just looked at her and bit my tongue. Then she smiled and said. Just kidding coffee was my treat this morning! Great minds think alike. LOL
    I was happy for free coffee, until I found out she bought it. lol. I am glad she is no longer my manager.