Feb 1, 2012

The surreal life

It's easy to say, "I have a new kitten", "I bought a house" or "Look at my new car". It's a little more difficult (or at least it was for me) to transition to "I have a husband" from "My boyfriend..." but this new life changing event is the most grown up thing I've ever experienced.

My mind still hasn't fully grasped the fact that there's a little blob of cells growing rapidly inside me.

Sure my eyes saw the pink line on the pee stick..not one but two.
Sure I heard the words come out of the nurses mouth when she confirmed their pee stick too was positive.

I get little spurts of excitement throughout the day and then it hits me....that little blob of cells will be a baby soon...HOLY CRAP! I was a baby once, am I really old enough to have a baby myself? Talk about the last few days being crazy, my head is spinning. It's all so new, but I'm already worrying...even about silly stuff

-Where will we put the nursery?
-How are the cats going to react?
-Will I be a good mom?
-Will it drool? Because I hate drool....
-I have a tilted uterus, will they be able to see/hear the baby like you can with a normal positioned uterus?
-Will I still be able to sleep with a fan in my room or will it block the sound of a monitor?
-Ohh emmm geee, I will be most pregnant during the summer and I HATE BEING HOT....

I was also thinking...since this little miracle is due in the fall, I'm going to refer to he/she as Pumpkin....and PJ for short (that stands for Pumpkin Jones for those of you who may be slow to follow lol.)

****On a very sweet note, my first OB appointment will be Valentine's Day. I couldn't think of a better day to hear PJ's first heartbeat. HEART DAY!


  1. What you are feeling is totally NORMAL!!! The things that gross you out now will not bother you when it is your own child. Poop, pee, drool, or any other nasty thing will be normal topics of conversation. You will not even think twice. You are already taking on the mommy role by worrying. Moms worry about everything! It will never end. You are going to be a fabulous mom and this is going to be one lucky little boy or girl!

  2. Don't forget my story of my tilted uterus and the whole blighted ovum scare!!!

    Imagine all the FUN disney trips PJ will be taking with y'all!

  3. Haha drool is not as bad as puke, trust me. I live in the land of puke!!!! I like the nickname...are you going to find out the sex??? You know my opinion!!!!! ;)

    1. Emily you know you inspired giving him/her a nickname. I'm not creative enough for a contest though, so I just went with simple and made it up myself, ha ha! I know you and Rachael are so patient to wait, but I just don't know...guess I need to talk to Hardy about it.

    2. You guys are driving me CRAZY!! How can you wait to find out the sex?!!?!? I mean I want to know the sex of my baby *now* and I'm not even pregnant (and I am not planning on it anytime this year)! :)

  4. Don't worry about sleeping with a fan on. Once those little munchkins put a little weight on, you wake up when they roll over because it is so loud in the monitor! And you get over the droll! Just like you get over the poop and vomit.