Feb 29, 2012

Our first rally

I've never been big on politics, basically because I don't follow it enough to have a true opinion. Hardy listens to Neal Boortz pretty regularly though and over the last few years has become more aware about politics....and tries to pass his knowledge to me.

I couldn't tell you who I would even vote for in the coming elections...bad right?! Except that it wouldn't be Obama (that's just my opinion).

Anyway back on point....Hardy found out that Newt Gingrich was doing a free rally tonight in Gainesville so we decided to go. Hardy's liked Newt ever since Cain dropped out. It was definitely a good time and he brought up a lot of good points...as I'm sure most candidates do when they're trying to win votes. We had fun! Hardy met him and got a book signed (Newt apparently writes historical fiction and Hardy has a copy of one). If you ever have the opportunity to go to one it truly is a great experience!!

Here are some photo's:

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  1. I'd love more than anything to go up to his wife and just run my fingers thru her hair and mess it up, LOL. I HATE that "perfect hair" look. Bahahaha.....