Jul 18, 2014

Time flies

Persephone will be 22mos old on Monday 7/21/14.

22mos old....

Almost TWO

Like officially a toddler...a little kid

I'm not sure how I feel about this upcoming development.   Our baby is no longer a baby.  Several friends on Facebook are pregnant.  They're posting pictures of their cute baby belly's, doing blog posts about their progress.  I was happy pregnant.  I loved the experience.  And when I see these women posting pictures of their bellies and videos of the sweet baby kicks, it makes me miss it even more.

Hardy says no more kids....I say never say never.

Hard to believe July 20, 2012 I was 29 weeks.  
You can read that post here !

This was the closest photo I could find to July....

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  1. 2 is a perfect number. Having 2 makes it easier and gives then a lifelong companion. Please have 1 more.