Jul 30, 2014


I have a pretty extraordinary memory.  I don't mean like extraordinary as in special - I just mean extra-ordinary.  Understand?  I feel like there's a different meaning when you say the words separately.  Out of the blue, I'll smell, see or hear something and it immediately takes me into a time machine.  The furthest back I can remember is probably 5yrs old, beyond that - - I'm not so sure.

Most of you are aware of Chuck E. Cheese's...but do you remember what it was BEFORE it became Chuck. E Cheese's?

Do you?

How about now?

It was ShowBiz Pizza! 

And they had a full on creepy animatronic band!
I remember the cheerleader and the fat bear....not much else

I'm SHOCKED I was able to find a picture of this ride....It was my favorite!

I can remember thinking when I was at the top
I thought I was hot stuff above everyone.

ShowBiz and Chuck E. Cheese's used to a dinner theatre with some games.
Now it's a giant playground with some games and a more
interactive show....oh the good ole' days - where have you gone???

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