Jul 29, 2014

Deals Deals Deals

A few years ago I happened upon a coupons/deals website from a link I clicked on Facebook.  This awesome website/blog is called Freebies2Deals.  If you visit the website a couple of times a day, you will catch some awesome deals available online and in store.  Not every thing has applied to my wants directly - but a lot of the time I see something I like!


I credit this website for almost all of the deals I've scored.  From FREE SHIPPING for The Disney Store, paying under $9.00 for 648 Huggies wipes on Amazon.  Yesterday she listed a sales on Kohl's website for "The Big One" solid bath towels.  She even shared coupon codes that discounted the towels to only $2.16/ea!!

I was able to purchase 13 large bath towels for only $29 total!  The color selection became pretty scarce as the day went on, but I am happy with my 7 pink and 6 brown towels on their way to me next week!  If you're like me....you have some pretty decent towels, but they have 5+yrs of use on them.  Towels are one of the last things I think about when I want to replace something or buy new.  But for under $30, I couldn't pass this up.

You might still be able to catch the deal on other items - all the towels are sold out now.  Here's the direct link to Melea's blog where you can try the codes!

I've added her blog to the links on the left of my page!

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