Jul 14, 2014

Destin Vacation

Some of you may or may not know, Hardy's father also works for King Green.  He's in the pest control division.  Each December King Green hosts a Christmas party for all the employees with a fantastic dinner and prizes!!  This past year Hardy's father's name was called and he picked a 5 night stay at one of the Kings' gulf shore condos.  They chose to stay in Destin and this past week was the vacation!

The condo is located at Pelican Beach resort in downtown Destin.  It was the perfect location between Panama and Ft. Walton.  We were close to many restaurants (fancy and non fancy).  The condo itself was a beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 full bath with a dining room, living room and full kitchen.  Even had a washer and dryer!

We arrived Wednesday late evening so we just ate Wendy's and explored the condo.  The next morning we woke up bright and early and headed to the beach.  Since I'm the only one who ever thinks to take photos, you think I would have taken some, but I didn't.  Instead I remembered my camera AFTER the beach when we headed to the pool.

Persephone loves to swim.  Her Mimi and Pops bought her this cute life jacket a few weeks ago and it has given her so much confidence.  It scares me a little how much of a daredevil she can be, but I guess that's just proof you aren't born with fear!

She had a blast on this float
P.S. This is my first time using Google to upload a video instead
of YouTube so I have no idea how it'll look on other computers.

That night we had dinner at Margaritaville and walked around the Harborwalk Village for a little while. 

 I know I look huge, but this was the only family photo I got on my camera.

Hardy and I even enjoyed a train ride with miss priss.

Here she is holding our tickets punched by the conductor

To say it was a tight fit for parents is a slight understatement.

The next day we returned to the beach again, which was short lived.  She prefers the pool I guess because we can let her freely swim...whereas in the ocean I'm a nervous wreck.

That night we tried to do a family photo session with his sisters camera.  I haven't seen the pictures yet, but hopefully there were some cute ones of us and Persephone.  Here are a few I took with my phone.

That evening we were all pretty tired so we just stayed in and had Little Caesars pizza and watched Frozen.

Saturday we got up and headed to the beach since it was our last day.  We managed to stay in the water a little longer before Persephone demanded to go back to the pool.  The water was crystal clear, so beautiful.  I prefer the Gulf over Myrtle Beach ANY DAY.  The beach itself was even cleaner.

Since it was our last night, we had dinner at AJ's which was a little higher than we wanted to spend for food, but it was worth it.  Delicious food.  Persephone loves corn.


After dinner, we took some photos with Persephone and the AJ's Ford truck.  She had a good time pretending to drive.

If the window wasn't clean, it is now

I almost fell asleep on the drive back.  It was just soooo long and not much to look at.  We got home around 5pm, ate dinner..gave P a bath and let her sleep in her souvenir shirt....CUTIE PIE - - I don't even remember why Hardy was making that face in the background.

Until next time beach, we will be back next year for sure!

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