Jul 14, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

We started last week with yet ANOTHER ear infection, double this time.  I'm not sure if we ever got rid of the original one that hit Persephone back in May or not.  We went through 3 antibiotics and thought everything was normal.  She started acting a little puny weekend before last and so I took her to the doctor Tuesday and sure enough...double ear infection.  This time her PA suggested we try Augmentin since it's not amoxicillin alone (that was the very first medicine we tried back in May).  I thought we were smooth sailing, but she's smart and spits/gags/pukes this medicine up too.  I can't say I blame her, I never liked chalky medicine either.

Thursday I called her pediatricians office again and explained she won't take the medicine despite our best efforts and it's not worth the trauma on both ends.  They suggested we do rocephin which is an antibiotic shot.  We went ahead with the first shot Thursday, second on Saturday and third one this morning.  She has bounced back to life like you wouldn't believe.  I was starting to worry we haven't really seen our outgoing little girl for a while with how hyper she's been.  We're having to give her yogurt now though because that shot has caused some serious diarrhea - like worse than newborn poop diarrhea.  The oddest thing is that it has no smell.  It's the nastiest stuff to change, but at least no smell tags along with it

The shot apparently hurts worse than vaccines because the medicine was so thick.  She did scream, but was a trooper and the crocodile tears stopped before we walked out the door.

Friday the 4th we had no plans whatsoever.  We just stayed at home, Hardy cooked some ribs which were delish.  He also bought a small $10 firework pack from Wal-Mart earlier in the day.  We started shooting them off around 8:45.  Persephone was intrigued at first, but then was more interested in finding lightning bugs.

Lite bug, lite bug

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