Jul 21, 2014

Family Beach Photos

One of the nights during our Destin vacation, we all dressed in white/khaki and went to the beach for some photos.  As I've said before, my sister in laws camera is pretty fantastic so she was able to get some great shots!  She's been the one who took our family photos last year and again this spring.

Here's the fam

From Left to Right
Halie, Hope, Holden, Bobbie, Doug, Hardy, Persephone and myself

Hope (Hardy's sister) has three children

Heath is in the ARMY and currently in Washington so he's not pictured.

Bobbie & Doug are Hardy's parents

Sadly, when my fat ass was trying to stand up after these pictures
I totally knocked Persephone in the head with my knee and
she went face first into the sand.

P.S. White isn't slimming AT ALL.

But she seemed to enjoy it and continued to play, roll in the sand

Halie, Hope and Holden

Last but not least - a pool shot!

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