Jul 3, 2014

Glorified animal killer

There have been so many crazy stories in the news lately.  Have you noticed there's never any GOOD news these days?  Further proof that the media controls what we see.  They want us to all feel the same.  I don't believe or click on many links shared on Facebook simply because most of them aren't true.  It's like chain letters, we as a society are so gullible.

One story in particular caught my eye and when I saw it was from Huffington Post I assumed it had to be legit .  Later that evening it was also featured on People.com and you know "they don't put anything on the internet that isn't true."

Anyway...this story in particular was about a 19yr old Kendall Jones from Texas.  Who since the age of 9 has been traveling to Africa with her father to hunt.  She made it a goal of hers to hunt/kill the "Big 5" which are the lion, elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard and the white/black rhinoceros.  In fact her first kill was the white rhino at age 13 which she bragged about shooting with a .416 Remington.  She cites herself as being a conservationist.  She only hunts animals who are already on private land and that need population control.  And on another occasion boasted about how her elephant kill would go on to feed 100+ villagers.

I've always been an animal lover.  I used to dream that one day I would be an animal cop like Annemarie Lucas on Animal Planet's Animal Precinct.  But even though I have a big heart, it also has a tendency to get the best of me.  While I want to save every animal who needs saving, as I got older I couldn't stomach the images or realities of what comes with being an "animal cop".  I to this day feel bad for deer even though I know they're overpopulated in some places.  Maybe it's the Disney-fan in me that always thinks of Bambi?  I appreciate what American Indians did - they literally utilized every kill they made.  From the skin, fur, meat, bone...it all had a purpose.  Right here, right now...we don't all exercise that same appreciation for animals.  Yes they are here for us to eat, but does that mean they have to be killed so inhumanely without dignity?  I don't believe so.  You can agree or not, that's why this is my blog!

So anyway, back to Ms. Jones the animal killer.  Lets say you WERE trying to control a population of lions or jaguars because farmers are losing cattle.  Is it really necessary to publicly share your photos with a giant smile as you stand/sit beside the carcass?  Her supporters praise her efforts saying that she and her father have paid thousands of dollars just for the opportunity to hunt in these countries.  Well woopity damn doo.  How about you flat out donate that money to animal sanctuaries/conservations instead of paying for the kill?!?

So you take a gander at these photos (that are already all over the internet) and form your own opinion. 

I'm curious to hear your thoughts and opinions...

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