Jul 24, 2014

What do you drive?

I'm on my 5th car...this sounds like a lot and I suppose it is.  At least I've intentionally changed cars, not wrecked a million times.

But I must say, right now the car I have is by far my favorite!

In March 2013 I traded my 2010 Kia Forte for a 2012 Mazda5.  

After having Persephone, we hated the lack of space getting in and out of our cars.  The Mazda5 Sport is what I call a van/station wagon/sedan.  It's low like a car, but long like a van/wagon.  It seats 6, sliding doors on both sides.  The 2 seats in middle row are captain chairs, they have arm rests, can recline and slide forward/backward for easy access.  They also have a storage compartment underneath both middle seats. 

When I went to "look around", I asked them if they had any 2012 models they were looking to move since it was almost 4mos into 2013 and they would be releasing all 2014 models soon.  I test drove a silver Mazda5 that only had 8mi on it.  Black leather interior - so nice, but I didn't expect that would be the one we got. 

It wasn't until all of the paperwork was finalized and they detailed the car that we noticed, not only were the seats leather, but someone had customized it and never purchased it.  So we also had dual DVD players with wireless headphones for both headrests facing the second row - SCORE!  Of course we haven't turned Persephone around yet, but still I thought it was a great "secret".

It handles just like the Mazda3, in fact I believe it's built on the same chassis.  It turns smooth, speeds up well even though it's only a 4cyl.  It has a manual option which I like, it's like being able to drive stick without worrying with a clutch.  The only addition I would like to make eventually is to tint the windows. 

I have every intention of keeping this car until it's paid off.  We have no reason to switch.  I know some people think vans are stupid and you say you'll NEVER drive one.  I've always liked them :)

My first car was a 1999 Mercury Cougar
Which was a great car, got up and went quick
and was sleek like a speedy car...I miss it sometimes

I traded it in for a 2001 Honda CR-V

I loved this car too.  I had never driven an SUV and this one
drove so fun.  It had good storage and was of course reliable.

I traded it in for a 2007 Kia Sportage
This was probably my dumbest trade EVER.
Hardy had just traded in one of his cars for a brown Kia Sportage 
I loved the way it drove and I loved the new car smell, so I took my sassy butt
up to the Kia dealership and got the same exact car in teal.

When I got tired of the Sportage (which I did quickly)
I traded it for the 2010 Kia Forte

And as of March 2013 we are where we are now with the lovely Mazda5

Zoom Zoom

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