Jan 20, 2012

Weekly recap

This is going to be a sour-puss post...sorry

- I hate income taxes, so much. We might end up canceling our trip to Disney :(

- I have a zit the size of Stone Mountain on my chin and it has a 10mi radius of pain.

- Our house payment increased for the escrow fluctuation....never fun

- I've been crampy the last two days and it's making me ill.

- I think all of this rain is to blame for sadness and overall depressed feelings. You know with snow everyone smiles (almost everyone).

- I'm behind on laundry.

- Flower keeps trying to dominate Tinker Bell and it's driving me nuts! I hate hearing them wrestle in the night and howl/growl.

- I feel bad for complaining because I know somewhere someone has it nug worse. I should be more thankful.

So bla bla bla. And wah wah wah

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