Jan 17, 2012

Disney fever

To say I'm excited for Disney World is an understatement...
...I'm antsy
I'm ready to go NOW and possibly never return.  I was thinking I could show up in a Pocahontas costume with my hair in braids and see if they would just hire me on the spot as an actor?!  I doubt it...I'm not nearly slender enough for Pocahontas.
It doesn't help that I torture myself at work and listen to the Walt Disney World soundtrack we bought a few years back.  It's a two disc set with songs from all of the parks. 
Some of my favorites:
Soarin' (theme from Soarin' in Epcot) 
One Little Spark (theme from Journey Into Imagination w/ Figment)
***I absolutely love this ride and sing along when we ride it!
Swisskapolka (theme from Swiss Family Robinson tree house)
Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) (theme from the obvious, Pirate's of the Caribbean)
Grim Grinning Ghosts (theme from The Haunted Mansion)
***One of my top 5 favorite rides from Disney
It's a Small World (theme from It's a Small World)
***You have to love this song, I don't care who you are!
Star Tours (theme from Star Tours at Hollywood Studios)
***They recently updated this ride, I'm curious to see if the soundtrack is the same
Indiana Jones (theme from Indiana Jones stunt show)
There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow (theme from Carousel of Progress)
***This ride, even though not as thrilling as a roller coaster, will always be one of my favorites and it's another one you can sing along to.
Energy Adventure Medley (theme from Ellen's Energy Adventure)
***Another one of my favorites! 

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