Jan 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Trevor!

At 12:15am 16yrs ago, a little baby boy by the name of Trevor was born, my very own little brother (of course he was Michael's little brother too). I couldn't believe it, there he was just a few ounces shy of 6lbs and perfectly healthy.

The years passed and my admiration for this cute boy continued to grow and grow. Although he would annoy me sometimes when I had friends over - he was determined to get in my business, he was always my buddy. If we weren't watching Thomas the Tank, we were watching Toy Story (and even sometimes Teletubbies). Trevor and I were closer than Michael and I ever attempted (although we are close now and I'm very thankful). Trevor followed me around and annoyed the heck out of me, but deep down I always loved him and I still do.

I was of course happy to be present during his first trip to Disney World, I think I may have even been more excited for him than I was myself. It was during our trip to Disney that he broke his fear of roller coasters and rode every.single.one.

Happy 16th Birthday to the best younger brother, ever! I love you Trevor ;)

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