Jan 3, 2012

There is a first time for everything...

Sunday we went over to my in-laws for the traditional New Years Day meal...of course all I dined on was corn, black eyed peas and some roast. I just can't do turnip greens.

After filling ourselves up we all went outside to see our youngest nephew Holden shoot off his rocket. While they were putting on the finishing touches for the rocket, my father in law showed me how to shoot a 22 rifle. Believe it or not, I was extremely nervous. I've never actually shot anything before.

I got in the proper stance and began shooting! At first we used a piece of foam, but it just wouldn't stand up right....so we moved on to a baby Ernie doll. He has been outside for God knows how long anyway and was rotting away in his little plastic body. I hated to use a toy forand target, but he had big enough features I could "aim" for something.

Here's my journey in photos and the end result. I blew a hole in Ernie...shame on me.

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