Jan 5, 2012

Feeling like a kid

I didn't think Hardy and I would be so excited to go back to Disney World right after coming off a Disney cruise, but I'm gonna tell you...I.was.wrong! In fact I think it made us long to go to Disney World even more.

Let me clarify something too while I'm at it. We are not rich by any means and the cost of a Disney trip isn't cheap, but we make it happen because it's something we love to do. Some people are happy with a trip to the mountains and some are happy with a trip to the beach...we like those things too, but love Disney more. We would rather do one big vacation than several small ones if given the option.

Anyway I just had to get that off my chest....how we "spend" our money is up to us and no one else :)

That being said....

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  1. No one else should care about how you spend your money! It's your choice because...ph yeah, it's your money. haha. That's great that you guys have something you love to do together like that, Josh and I prefer hiking and backpacking trips - to each their own. Who cares what anyone else thinks :)