Jan 6, 2012


Why do you attend church?
Why do you attend the church that you attend?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, probably because it's been a while since Hardy and I have actually gone. There's no excuse for why we haven't been, we just haven't. In December 2010, we started attending a church in downtown Flowery Branch that was closer to our house - instead of driving 30mins to the one his parents go to. I decided we were our own family and we needed to find somewhere we liked to go.

At the previous church I was on one of the boards that makes decisions and witnessed a lot of things I didn't like. Ultimately finding that those with the most money in a small "country" church determine most major decisions the church is supposed to make. They drove away the pastor who married Hardy and I and it broke my heart. I know people come and go, but seeing the full on politics of the way this particular church was ran really pushed me away. So you can imagine, it wasn't hard for me to make the decision and try somewhere new. The church in Flowery Branch is full of some of the most kind hearted people I've ever met and I think I feel worse wondering if they thought they did something to drive us away rather than the fact that we just haven't been going.

So with all this time I've had to reflect on if we'll go back or should we try another church has got me thinking....

Whether you attend Methodist, Baptist, Catholic or non-denominational...WHY do you go there? Is it because you were raised in a specific church, is it because you like what they say better than somewhere else? The reason there are so many denominations is because every one interprets the bible differently, correct? Some preach hardcore on the right/wrong's of life, whereas others preach the word, but don't blast you for having tattoos and piercing or having a baby out of wedlock. I guess my point is...how do you know who's interpretation is the right one? If I read the bible myself and developed my own thoughts and feelings on it and only believed my interpretation, why would I go to church? Is church there simply for the fellowship? You might think I'm less of a Christian because I haven't gone to church in three months or because I don't pray 15x's a day, but am I? Who are you to tell me that's right/wrong/indifferent?

I'll end my post with this...what's worse

- A hypocrite who attends church, but does so much wrong away from their fellow Christians?
- A Christian, who reads the bible, prays, but they don't attend church regularly?


  1. I agree that you dont have to go to church to claim your faith... but then again I am athiest. However, you ended your blog with "Who are you to tell me that's right/wrong/indifferent?" then posed a question with "what's worse"...

  2. The question is rhetorical, I just wanted people to think about it :)