Jan 10, 2012


There has been so much in the news lately about this topic. Mainly pertaining to sexual preference, but truth is....it happens to most about anything.

Bullied for having glasses
Bullied for having braces
Bullied for being a little heavy
Bullied because of your siblings
Bullied because of the clothes you wear
Bullied because of the clothes you don't wear

I was bullied in school....and I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I am so thankful for having the friends I did and accepting me for who I am. For those who never gave me a chance, you missed out. I'm not perfect, but I certainly tried to extend my bubble out to those who may not have gotten spoken to often. I didn't care if someone had dandruff on the collar of their tshirt, or acne on their face, or if they couldn't spell. I tried my best to be well rounded. Occasionally I would be nice to someone who didn't care and quickly found out some people just don't like company.

I got over the people who bullied me and decided it was their loss for not treating me with respect, but I can still flip through my elementary/middle school yearbook and point out a few people who weren't very nice.

Kids these days are even worse than when we were in school. It's hard to believe, but very true. My younger brother Trevor has told me some things he's been called in school and it makes me want to go beat the kid(s) up, but who does that make me?? Then I hear Trevor making fun of someone else and I'm reminded of what a vicious cycle it is. I think the root of bullying is that the bully is insecure and they're trying to impress a group of friends. With Facebook I've seen names come across asking for invites and I'm scratching my head wondering why. You never said anything nice to me when we were growing up, what could you possibly have to say to me now?

We live in a world where everyone is trying to 'one up' the next and in the process we beat others down. We need to realize being our true self is what matters most. If you have to call someone ugly or fat or gay to keep your circle of friends, then I'd say you need new friends.

One day when it's your child/children being bullied....maybe then you'll realize how mean you may have been growing up.

Think about it. Is there anyone you would apologize to if you had the opportunity. Can you remember the mean things you said to someone as well as they can remember being bullied?

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