Jun 27, 2011

Monday's Top 10: Favorite Smells

In making up this list, I can’t help but think of childhood friend and fellow blogger, Emily Parker. She was born without the sense of smell. I can name a bunch of things she would NEVER want to smell, but I can also understand how frustrating it must be. I wish there were something that could reverse that, but consider it a “special power” ha ha ha.

Be thankful you can’t smell trash, dead rodents, farts, car exhaust, certain chemicals and BODY ODOR…oh the list goes on. So forgive me Emily for listing my favorite scents, hopefully it doesn’t make you angry!!

10. Yearbook or newly printed magazine.

This is really strange, I know. I can’t really explain what draws me to them. I guess it’s the smell of new ink and paper?!?

9. Fresh tomato.

I’ve only recently (within the last 4yrs) started liking tomatoes. I don’t know what really ever turned me off about them, but now I enjoy them. Especially a fresh homegrown tomato, sliced and accented with salt and pepper, ok and maybe some ranch.

8. Pizza.

Ole’ reliable, pizza baking is bliss. I’m not even a huge pizza fan, but the smell of one is enough to make me want just 1 slice. There have been a few times where I prefer to pick it up myself –vs.- having it delivered to the house just so I can smell the store!

7. Radiance by Britney Spears.

I know, call me crazy…why would I ever endorse a product that this crazy pop star had a hand in creating?! Bottom line is that it smells good. It’s fresh and clean and not overwhelming.

6. Style by Ralph Lauren.

At work, we used to get our daily deposits picked up by the bank. For a while, we had the sweetest lady come in who wore this perfume. I always thought it was so refreshing when she would walk in and this “professional” aroma filled the front of our office. Eventually I asked her what it was and I picked it up at Belk for myself a week or two later.

5. Bread.

I’m a bread-aholic. Whether plain toast, garlic toast, cheese, fresh bread baking, ALL OF THEM….yum yum yum.

4. Mambo by Liz Claiborne.

Another men’s cologne. This will stand second place to the other cologne of Hardy’s that I loved (see #1 on this countdown). I could hug him all day…in fact, sometimes I think I made sure to give him an extra long hug in the mornings so I could smell it on my shirt at times…. boy am I weird or what?!?

3. Olive Garden.

No particular dish, just the restaurant in general is fabulous to me. Italian is one of my favorite types of food to eat and I’ve never been disappointed with Olive Garden.

2. Roast.

My mom’s roast has always smelled delectable. Even if you’re not hungry, your mouth will water when the scent of the juicy beef hits your nostrils. When it’s accompanied with mashed potato’s, corn and a good roll….ahhh

1. Nautica Latitude/Longitude.

This was Hardy’s cologne when we first met. He wore it for a few years after until it was discontinued. I remember any time my mom and I were in a department store, I always had to stop and spray that cologne on a card so I could smell it until the smell disappeared. I even got Hardy to spray some of my stuffed animals whenever he visited our house. Oh I miss it! The neat thing is that you can purchase it on Ebay, but it’s ridiculously expensive.

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