Jun 19, 2011

First week of life

Let me first say, that with a steady hand....I am surprised at how well the iPhone takes picture's, all of the photo's on this post were taken with my phone.

Hayden finally got to come home Saturday morning.  He had been staying in the NICU all week for a number of reasons; problems sucking/swallowing/breathing during feedings, a mild case of jaundice and just for the simple fact he was 5 weeks early.  He beat the odds though and was good enough to come home this weekend.  I rode to the hospital with Heath & Chelsea so they would have help if need be. 

We hung around for a couple of hours for the nurse to do the full discharge, give them tips on feeding and adding a multi-vitamin to his diet.

His last feeding at the hospital

They basically let them have every thing that was in his NICU pod too, all the diapers, vasoline, wipes, bottles...the list goes on.  I was amazed.

Ready to go!

I drove the little family home (back to Heath's moms house) so they could get settled in. 

They're keeping him on a feeding schedule like the hospital had, every 3hrs.  He seems to be eating more now and in a shorter period of time.  Chelsea is still trying to integrate breastfeeding when she can.

Daddy & Son

Sleeping in my arms

Hayden with his Aunt Halie

With his Great Aunt Mandi

He loves to make the "O" face :)

Sleepy sleepy sleepy

He sleeps like a champ which the nurses said he would do. Technically he should still be in the womb for the next 4 weeks.  So far he seems to be a happy baby who only gets fussy during feeding time and when his diaper needs changing, but isn't that every baby?

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