Nov 12, 2012


The title to this post comes courtesy of my mom. At least twice a day she sends me a text and asks:

"What's my baybay doing?", but has recently shortened it to WMBBD.

I thought it would be appropriate to use since this is a post to update y'all on Persephone.

My baybay is...

- Drinking 4.5oz every 3-4hrs (She's on Enfamil Gentlease)

- Little to no spit up, only happens if she doesn't burp immediately after feeding and/or if she gets hiccups soon after feeding.

- Naps range 2-4hrs

- Nighttime sleep, she wakes up once between the time we go to bed and wake up in the morning. We usually get 5hrs from the time we go to bed until the time she wakes up for the middle night feed.

- She's in size 1 diapers

- She's already outgrown most of her newborn onesies/outfits. I'm now stuck with a lot of footie pajamas...they're all cute, but I don't see her being able to wear all of them while its cool.

- She's a very content baby, not that I have experience with many babies, but that's what all of my friends and family say. If babies are noisier than her, I'm very thankful lol.

- She began laughing on November 6th, guess she knew Election Day was going to be a joke before the rest of us.

- She recognizes voices and will turn to follow the sound. She has great control of her head when on belly. She's still a little wobbly when you hold her upright, but its improving!

- She's also becoming a little more vocal. An occasional coo here and there.

- She seems to enjoy baths. I don't know that she LOVES them, but she doesn't get angry when we give them.

- She had her first big "outing" on November 1st, my mom and I took her to the Mall of Ga for a stroll. Her second "outing" was November 2nd to Grady to visit the dermatologist and to Olive Garden that night for dinner.

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  1. Yay for getting out! Madelyn was the exact same way with spitting up, she had to be burped. You are soon going to see how you have to buy baby clothes so often when they are little because they outgrow them so fast but at least girl clothes are soooooo cute!