Nov 3, 2012

A trip to the dermatologist

So back at Persephone's last pediatric appointment on 10/10, her doctor referred us to a pediatric dermatologist for a place on the side of her head. He didn't think it was much to worry about, but said a dermatologist would need to look at it and diagnose it.

It has been there since birth and its just a semi-rough spot that's light pink in color.

So Persephone's first trip to Atlanta was yesterday allllll the way to Grady Hospital. Apparently there aren't many pediatric dermatologists in Georgia. Luckily traffic wasn't too too bad and we made it there in really good time.

While we were there I also had them check a few other "birth marks" just to make sure that's all they were. She has a V shaped red spot between her eyes that they called an angel kiss, she also has a few red splotches on the back of her head near the nape of her neck and those are known as stork bites haha. They diagnosed the spot on the side of her head as nevus sebaceous. She said it won't really do anything until she hits puberty and then it would grow and become wart like. She did say there was a very small chance it could develop into skin cancer as a teen or adult. She said it was our decision on whether we wanted to remove it now or when she hits puberty, but stated it would be an easier and quicker recovery if we chose to do it at 10-11months as opposed to pre-teen years.

I was happy to give it a name and get a plan of action. I definitely think we'll go ahead and get it removed before she's 1 year old since it will be easier on her.

Mom and I also had fun taking photos of her while we were waiting :)

Here is a picture of the V on her forehead and the nevus sebaceous on the right side of her head.


  1. We might have to end up taking Coop to a pediatric dermatologist because of a colored spot on his wrist. Initaially we thought it was a bruise, but (while it's getting lighter), it's not going away!

    Glad that you guys got it all checked out and now have a plan of action!

    1. Thank you, best of luck to you guys as well! Let me know what they say. It's hard to pick what's "normal" and what isn't. Because babies go through so many skin changes just within the first couple of days/weeks with peeling and acne...ahh it's crazy.

  2. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! So many people let those kinds of things go and it's so awesome that you are being proactive about it!!! I def agree to get it taken care of while she's young. I'm SO glad we went ahead and clipped Britt's tongue. She will never, ever remember it and it helped make sure it wouldn't cause problems in the future. Why worry with it? I 100% agree with you!!! :)