Nov 28, 2012

2 Month check up

Today was Persephone's 2mo check up. I was so worked up over the shots I was getting nauseous about it. I sent Rachael a text and asked her for advice - she told me to give Persephone a beer and all would be good ((hahahaha joking of course)).

She now weighs 11lbs 4oz
She now measures 23" long

They didn't give me a percentile #, so I couldn't tell you where she falls.

They gave her three vaccine shots one orally (DTaP, Hib, Hepatitis B, Polio, Rotovirus and Pneumococcal conjugate). She got so mad during the shots, screamed, squeezed my hands because I was holding hers and turned beet red. I for some crazy reason almost laughed...maybe it was my way of coping with a tough situation? I feel bad for saying that, but its true.

I fed her right after ((Rachael DID mention her kids calmed down after that)) and it did calm Persephone too, she was due to eat anyhow.

So she's got 3 pink bandaids on her chunky little thighs.

I'm proud of her ;) and hope it doesn't make her too out of sorts. Her next appointment is in January, when she'll be 4mos. Now for the fun!

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  1. She is so cute, Amanda! She looks just like you! We miss y'all at church. Come back sometime!