Apr 3, 2012

"Whats in a name?...

...that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet"

Picking a name for your pet is fun...

Picking a name for a human being can be fun, but it's also serious business. You have to remember your child will have that name forever (or until they're of age to legally change it). We haven't picked up any baby books and I don't plan on spending $10 on one either. What did you do when you chose your children's names?? Did you name them after someone in your family? A famous person? Something you saw in a newspaper/magazine/book?

Some of our friends/family automatically assumed I would use Bella from Twilight and while I do like that name, sooooo many people have used it (especially over the last 5yrs) that for me its burnt out. I thought about combining our maternal grandmothers names, but couldn't come up with a good enough combo in my head.

Hardy actually picked out a girls name a little over a year ago, of course using it in this sentence: "If I ever decide to have kids, I know the girls name I want to use..."

I laughed at him when he said that...obviously if you've thought about naming your offspring, you've thought about having a child!! I won't announce that name yet, not until we know the sex (((YES, we made a decision and WE WANT TO KNOW - go on call me a weakling))). It's a different name and already some people have turned their noses up to it when I've mentioned it, but I don't care. The only dilemma I have for her name would be a nickname. I can rattle off a dozen girl names that I like, but I want Hardy to use his name, because I think it's special that he came up with it on his own. The girl would of course carry my middle name - Layne (as my mother passed it to me) - - so you at least will know the girl would be __________ Layne Jones, lol.

For a boy we like the name Lincoln (as a first name). I don't know why, it just came to me one day and it's kind of stuck with me since. For his middle name, we joked about using Sixx (as a tribute to Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe - Hardy's favorite band), but I'm not 100% sold on it yet. I definitely like Lincoln, I'm just missing the middle name. Interestingly enough...if you've ever seen the movie The Island with Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor, Ewan's characters name in the movie is Lincoln Six Echo (because he's a clone).

So there you have it...I don't know if I really got anywhere ha ha ha

This is hard stuff - any tips?


  1. No one liked my kids names! Especially Macy- everyone teased me that wasn't a name but a department store. Some family doesn't like that it Brady is not a family name for their side- etc etc but I try not to tell people our names. I sometimes do to certain people but not many people. I Love the name Lincoln!!

  2. I too love lincoln! We dont tell names either as I hate all the opinions from everyone. We also dont use any family names because I dont want to hurt feelings. I use the internet a lot for help!!!!!

  3. For a girl we are using a family name from my side, not showing favorites, just like the name - it's got an older/not used anymore sound to it, which is hard to come by sometimes. And I do have a boys name picked out. I am glad we didn't have kids about 4 years ago because the name I picked for a boy has been so over used that I have since changed my mind. I originally liked Aydin. The new name I REALLY like I haven't heard hardly at all, and coincidentally is the name of a very sweet (and cute) charter in a movie (that came out while we were in high school). But don't hold your breath on anything seeing as how I do not plan on kids until I'm like 30, maybe older because I basically am LIKE 30 haha