Apr 6, 2012

14 Weeks!


Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along14 weeks.

Size of baby:  3 1/2 inches long and 1.5oz - the size of a lemon! 

Gender/NameWon't find out til May.

Maternity ClothesStill none...I'm just trying to wear my comfy pants over and over again.  My skinny jeans from Old Navy are nearly out of the question.  Which is soooo weird.  I'm not even showing, yet my pants feel snug.

Belly Button:  Innie.


Sleep:  Still going to sleep fine, just waking up a bunch and it's not to pee.

Symptoms:  Zero.

What I missNothing as of yet.

What I'm looking forward to:  Hearing PJ's heartbeat again on April 20th, finding out if PJ is a he or she in May and last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST - Disney World :)

Questions/Concerns:  When did YOU feel your first baby move for the first time? 

CravingsNone that I can identify!

Best moment this week:  Talking with a friend in FL who had her baby boy last week.  Just hearing her talk about how sweet he is and how the "mothering" part came natural has me feeling positive.  I guess once you do hold you own child, some of the "worldly worries" disappear.

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