Apr 24, 2012

Your baby can hear now

Every time I get one of the "Your baby met another milestone" alerts on my phone it kind of refreshes the idea that there's something in there.  Of course I've heard the heart beat so I KNOW there is a little mini-me or mini-Hardy growing, but still...without having that baby belly or feeling the full on soccer practice, it's still hard to imagine. 
This weeks notification was that now that the ears are in their final position on the sides of the head, your baby should be able to hear you.  At first I didn't think much of it, but the last couple of days I have been getting onto Tinker Bell a lot for trying to break into their food bowl and it dawned on me ::I bet that's loud to the baby::.  I have been apprehensive "talking" to my belly because to me it's just an inner tube fat roll and not a cute baby pooch, so what exactly would I be talking to?  I realize the baby can hear my voice whether or not I'm directing my speech towards my belly - but still...I feel I would have to address PJ, at the very least so I would have an excuse if someone caught me talking to myself.
I read a magazine article that said you can put earphones on your belly and play some classical music for the baby.  What if Hardy wanted to teach PJ Music 101, with a little Mötley Crüe, KISS, Poison, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden..the list goes on. 
He's already said whether PJ is a girl or boy, he'll have him/her watching Rambo, Smokey & The Bandit, Resident Evil, Harry Potter and Underworld instead of Barney, Sesame Street or the other silly shows they've come out with over the last 15yrs.  I can see us getting called by the school now "Mr & Mrs Jones, today was What's Your Favorite Movie Day, and PJ described in full detail a scene from some zombie movie where someone blows up a group of zombies chasing after them.  This scared every other child in the classroom and we're going to recommend you go to counseling as a family."
Actually PJ can like whatever he/she wants...even if it is Barney, although I would prefer Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - we can totally tolerate The Disney Channel.   
Did you ever speak/hum/sing to your baby/babies while they were cooking?

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